Hi all,

Some new items are ready to harvest and then there are some that are really really ready to harvest. Also, the harvest study signs are getting tidied up a bit, so you should be able to record everything this week using the signs and a dry erase pen (it's a bit easier to use and to erase).

The upcoming workdays are posted here (This Saturday June 22, 10:30-11:30a & next Thursday June 27, 6:30-7:30p)

Here's a new item ready to pick (cherry belle and french breakfast RADISH). You can generally tell which ones are ready just by looking at their tops under the leafy green part -- a lot of them are a good size, some are still a bit small. Also up next: PEAS! (if you want the pods they are ready; if you want the peas might have to wait a bit). GREENS are so so ready (chard, kale, collards for cooked greens and all of the lettuces are ready for salad -- really good). Just remember for the greens just cut them at the base and leave the roots intact.

Remember there's a way to post recipes if you'd like share some by sending to this address:

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-- Lora

-- Lora