Garden Updates

Garden News (June 10)

Great new website for the garden that Anders put together -- hope you all have had a chance to take a look. Gigantic thank you for that!

Now that we have a calendar, I think it would be great if workdays for the upcoming month were posted -- let me know what you think about that. I'm going to go ahead and post workdays for the rest of June. I'll also try to include details on each calendar date for what type of work needs to be done. Hopefully that will be helpful in case you can't make the specific time for that workday, but might like to do something in the garden at some other time. I think I'll also try to incorporate putting some harvest dates up (these will likely be an approximation, but should give some idea of when each crop is about ready to harvest). Let me know if you have any other ideas for how we can use the calendar. We can include other things like the block party or if we decide to do a yard sale this year.

Harvest Study seems to be working okay. I need to fix up the boards just a bit to get them into a slightly higher functioning state. The grease pencil works okay, but they break a lot and are a little harder to use. Anders donated some dry erase markers and they seem to work better. I'm going to try to organize the images of the crops in order of 'ready-to-harvest'. Right now the crops ready to harvest are basically on the white corrugated plastic board, but there are some crops in the long bed running n-s (lengthwise) that are also ready but not on the board. So the kale, collard, etc. is ready, and I should have a board up there by tomorrow for those. If you pick some and the board isn't up, just email me what you picked. Next up should be peas and radish (in a week or two) and I'll post this on our calendar as well. The lock on the bin is broke, but I'm leaving it open until I get a new one. Let me know if you have any questions or ideas about the harvesting and/or data recording.

Future -- for some of the next workdays I'd like to get to the front beds. One is already cleaned up with some sedums and needs a grass (or something) in the center. The other three (outside the garden North, both inside the garden) need to be kept weed and daylily free. If you have sedum and or grass to donate, feel free to drop or bring to next workday.

Anyone have any suggestions for yard sale dates? Block party dates? After Charlie's karaoke party, we thought it would be a fun addition to hire a karaoke crew for the next block party. You'd be surprised at how UN-shy your neighbors are to sing some pretty cheesy tunes. What do you think -- maybe a bouncy house too?

Hope ya'll are enjoying some of those greens. Salads (everyday!) are off the charts! -- Lora